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Cut The Mustard - Barn Dance, Country Dance, Irish, Scottish, Ceilidh Band

Cut The Mustard - Barn Dance, Country Dance, Irish, Scottish, Ceilidh Band

Cut the Mustard are a highly experienced three to six piece ceilidh band based in the West Midlands who are passionate about playing traditional music in an exciting, danceable, melodic and rhythmic style.

We come from varying musical backgrounds which brings freshness and versatility to the music. Our common aim is to play traditional music at its best.

The band has evolved over the last 10 years to what is now its present line up, comprising:

Roger Champkin – guitar, piano accordion
Joanna King – fiddle, piano
Richard Revett – guitar, mandolin
Nada Meredith – fiddle

There’s no better way to celebrate a Wedding, Birthday, or a special family occasion than with a ceilidh - traditional dance and song in the English, Irish or Scottish style.

Barn dances, country dances or Ceilidh’s, pronounced “kay lee” which is gaelic for come all ye, are all basically the same thing. They have been popular for at least two hundred and fifty years mainly because they are FUN.

There is an old saying that these dances are fun if you get them right and even more fun if you get them wrong!

Unlike discos or ballroom dancing you get the chance to dance with different partners within one song which is a great icebreaker, especially at weddings where people may not have met each other before.

At most weddings and private functions many people are worried that they won’t know how to do the dances. FEAR NOT! The band always works with experienced ‘callers’ who explain the dance all the way through and then walks you through it before you do it for real with the music. They are experienced at calling for complete beginners and have a range of dances for all ages and abilities. The dances will be sure to include Scottish favourites such as “Strip the Willow” “The Gay Gordons” and “The Dashing White Seargent”.

The callers that Cut the Mustard work with are some of the best in the Midlands – Paul Weir and Martin Hewitt from Cheltenham, Chris Mulvey of Jigs and Reels from Worcester, Hugh Rippon from Coventry and Tubby Reynolds from Bath.

Apart from calling the dances they also have other uses such as announcing when the buffet is ready (Very Important), drawing the raffle and trying to find the owners of lost earrings etc. Ceilidh’s are pretty informal occasions so you don’t have to dress up unless of course it’s your wedding day!