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The O Cajunal Playboys - Midlands Band, Irish Jigs, Ceilidh Band

The O’Cajunal Playboys

The O’Cajunal Playboys have a growing reputation in the Midlands and beyond performing their own unique blend of lively music - fiddle tunes from the Appalachian Mountains, Cajun songs from the swamps of Louisiana, frenetic Irish jigs, reels and songs, classic rock numbers and a lot else besides – all spiced up with the special O’Cajunal treatment.

The Boys are experienced musicians, having appeared in various line-ups over the years, playing a wide variety of music. They have been described as “serious musicians with a great sense of fun”. Their music appeals to all age-groups and is appreciated by fellow musicians as well as Joe Public. The band provides a good evening’s entertainment with plenty of light-hearted patter and audience participation as well as songs full of pathos and foot-tapping dance tunes.

The O’Cajunal Playboys enjoy playing at all sorts of venues from intimate country pubs to large festivals. Recent festival bookings include Fylde, Bromyard and Baggeridge. Although their music is firmly rooted in the past, The O’Cajunal Playboys have been praised for their fresh approach and their lively interpretations of the music.

The O'Cajunal Playboys are:

Dick Churchley Vocals, accordion, keyboards, mandolin, harmonica. Has played the festival and folk-club scene solo and with different bands over the years. The rest of the band don’t always appreciate his French vocals and his interesting (?) cross-rhythms!
Mike “Grandad” Fogarty Percussionist extraordinaire! Frottoir, djembe, conga, drums. He’ll bang anything! Find out why he often plays in a bullet-proof vest!
Jon London Hot fiddle and mandolin. He’s played all sorts of music anywhere he can get a drink. Some say he looks like Steve Wright, others say he looks like Sharon Corr - make your own mind up; (it depends how much you’ve had to drink yourself)!
Rob “Mr Nice Guy” Odell Bass, mandolin and guitar. He brings a touch of sanity (but not too much) to the band.
Al Smith Vocals and guitar. He’s done everything in the music world – run folk-clubs, mixed the sound, sold food at folk festivals and played in folk duos and rock n’roll bands (and he’s still got all his hair!).

They can also supply a caller to appear with the band for barn dances or ceilidhs