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“Kyle started up the group four years ago just wanting to do something with the lads and have a mess around and I saw a real potential in them and they started taking it more seriously, invited some girls in and after entering some local competitions with really good results it all took off from there.”

For Flava dancing means everything, as Kyle explains, ”dance has boosted our confidence and it helps to make friends, we love it”. And the group wanted to share the good that has come out of it with the young people in their area, “as well as competing we do a lot of work with kids, going into schools and giving demonstrations, we want them to look up to us, by positive role models and hopefully give them the opportunities we’ve had. But what we do in Cornwall is not enough we put 110% into this team and we want to make it go far”.

Dressed in their black hoodies the six strong team start their unique street dance routine. All the Judges are impressed with Amanda declaring them “the best we’ve seen” and Simon has a more serious point to make, “You have done one thing incredible, you’ve just made hoodies acceptable. I love that you have done it yourself, you are raw talent and you are as good as what I’ve seen in America. There a lot of people getting a hard time in this country at the moment, particularly young people and I just think you are an incredible representation of the good that is out there”. So is Flava’s dream of spreading their positive message through dance onto step closer to reality?

The Britain's Got Talent journey may be over for Cornish dance troupe Flava - but the teenage group had time to earn some top celebrity fans.

Flava received a invitation to play at the afterparty for Sir Paul McCartney's much anticipated European city of Culture homecoming gig in Liverpool last night.

The invitation came from none other than Sir Paul's fashion queen daughter, Stella McCartney. She obviously knows style when she sees it!