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George Sampson

George started to go to dance classes at the age of 6 currently goes to dancing, singing and acting classes. George is always out busking locally and he makes quite a bit of money from his dancing which he puts towards the costs of his lessons. George has put together his own ‘crew’ boys, who he teaches street dance to.
George’s dream is to be a hip hop dancer in American dance videos. George entered the competition last year and says that he entered again because he knows that the Judges really liked him. He thinks they did the wrong thing by not putting him through and he wants to prove that by coming back better than before. He was persuaded by his family and friends who are sure he’ll do well in the live shows. He choreographed his dance himself.

Judges comments:
No buzzers and three Yes’s
Piers: – I like people like you who fight. On that performance, we’ll see you in the live finals.
Amanda – I prefer the stuff when you’re standing.
Simon: – Last year I thought you were fantastic, this year thought you were phenomenal. From the little I know about dance, thought it was incredible.