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Iona - Contortionist

Iona - Contortionist

Grace, Tradition and Technique

Contortionism is part of Ionas family heritage so her performances contain all the elements of a traditional contortion act as well as the most modern techniques.

Iona can perform all sorts of backbends, headseats, scales and folds but to get a good idea, take a look at the photos and video.

The act has been seen in 16 countries, in gala evenings, circus rings, theatres, conventions, cabaret shows, night-clubs and on television.

It is a colourful and exotic way to entertain any audience.

The Act Technical Requirements:

• The act is self-contained. Iona eill bring all the necessary props and you provide adequate sound and lighting equipment.

• She will do my own stage makeup and have several professionally made costumes. If you require a particular look or colour scheme please let us know well in advance.

• Ionas table needs to be placed on an even and solid surface.

• Iona will bring my music on CDs. Please provide a player and suitable PA system.

• If arranged in advance Iona also have a rotating table. Please provide a 13 amp mains supply if this effect is to be used.

• Iona will need at least 1 hour of stretching time in a warm place where she can work undisturbed.