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Kate and Gin

Kate and Gin

Kate and Gin are an amazing dog and human duo dancing act. They perform Scissor Sisters - I don't feel like dancing.

LASSIE eat your heart out – there’s a new super-talented collie in town. May we present Gin the moonwalking dog

Gin is a very talented Border Collie. Together with handler Kate 16, they did a breathtaking performance on the Britain’s Got Talent show auditions.Which was canine freestyle.

All of Kate’s family are involved with dog handling and the family live with 10 dogs. Kate’s grandma used to train and show Golden Retrievers, her Mum is a part time dog handler, her dad trains gun dogs and her sister is training to be a vet. Kate got Gin when she was 10 and has trained her from a pup and so far Kate has dedicated her life to competing. Kate and Gin have competed in CRUFTS together and have won a CG Certificate. Kate’s dream is to become a top judge at CRUFTS. Kate entered Britain’s Got Talent to show off her canine freestyle.