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Ron Popple AKA Ronnie Crackers

Ronnie Crackers is an ideal entertainer for your child's party, whether it is a small gathering at home or a large special party in a hall, even for a factory Christmas Party. Ron has various shows ranging from a 30 minute nursery show to a whole two hour party package, including games and dancing.

Ron entertains using magic, comedy, games, puppets and balloon animals during his standard shows. In addition he can offer Punch & Judy and face painting to make the event even more memorable than it will be already.

Ron has used his children's entertainment skills across the country and is regularly featured at Cadbury's World, Alton Towers and Seven Valley Railway. He has also been used by major companies such as Warner Brothers Cinema, Lloyds TSB and The Merry Hill Centre.

45 min - One Hour Show - A standard show is ideal if you are constrained by budget, sitting down, the children are entertained by Buster the Dog, or Charlie the Monkey as they try and help Ron with his magic. The birthday child gets a special balloon model.This show has lots of audience participation.

2 Hour Complete Party - Ron also offers a full two hour party package. This includes Games, music and dancing suitable for the ages of children attending, a break for food followed by a fun magic show. The Games Ron offers are specific to the children he is entertaining, these could include classic children's party games like musical chairs or Rons fun filled variations such as pass the hat or corners.

If required the 2 hour parties can be themed - Ron has worked with several other leaders in the area of Children's Entertainment and developed a number of themed shows. These are suitable for special party themes and education events.

Harry Potter Themed Show

Ron has a creative Wizard who works at Zonkos Joke Shop in Hogsmead. He enthrals his audiences with tales and magic from Hogwarts. Ron was one of the first people to offer Harry Potter Themed shows in the Midlands and he has been used by Bloombergs, and Warner Brothers for Harry Potter events.

The Magic of Books

This show is show celebrating the magic of books, it explores a wide range of styles and is adapted to suit three age ranges, under 5's, 5 - 8 and 8 - 11 year olds. It is a great treat for a school at the end of term and very educational.

Learning with Thomas

This is a special show designed for Seven Valley Railway and aimed at children under 7. It is a 30 minute show that blends the Magic of Ron Popple and Thomas the Tank engine with the fun of learning. It is currently used exclusively by the education department of Seven Valley Railways.

Other Shows themes we can do are: Fun at the Seaside / Fun at the Circus / Balloon Man. Shows & Walkabout / Puppet Show / Fun at the Disco / Magic of Books / Wacky Wizard Shows