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Andy Parsons

WINNER 2002 Time Out BEST COMEDY Award.

"Andy Parsons is not getting the attention he deserves. He's hit a really beautiful vein in the last year. Lovely to watch." Daily Telegraph

"Parsons is on cracking form." Sunday Times

"Inch-perfect comedy. With certain stand-ups, you can tell within seconds that they're going to have the audience sitting up, purring in the palm of their hand. It is like this with the obscenely gifted Andy Parsons. Brilliantly lateral subversive observations on every topic of the day. Give this man a bigger room." ***** The List

"I've felt respected - at last, a comedian who assumes his audience reads newspapers. Bullet-headed and buzzsaw-vowelled, Parsons delivers every line in the tones of an exasperated klaxon. But it is a klaxon sounding ruthless common sense. Very funny. **** The Guardian

"One of the few comics to have made me blow snot into my pie! A must see." Time Out

"Reduced the audience to helpless tears of laughter" Sunday Times

"A comedy demi-god… he's very funny indeed" Evening Standard

"The live on-stage comic joys of Andy Parsons are manifold. Gaze upon him and you will be unable to resist chuckling in a swoonsome manner. He is strangely reminiscent of both Laurel & Hardy simultaneously" - The Herald