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This authentic Latin male and female duo brings together influences and backgrounds from Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco and the traditional sounds of Cuba and Latin America. Graciela (vocals) and Jaal (Spanish guitar and vocals) inject passion, emotion and energy into every note and lyric having come together several years ago to combine their experience and love for performing Spanish and Latin music.

Almaloca Spanish’s repertoire extends from Gypsy Kings classics to Salsa, Bossa, Rhumba, Mambo, Bolero, Tango, Flamenco, Mariachi, Cumbria, Samba, and Lambada but also contemporary English pop songs done with a Latin twist. Plus a selection of Arabic songs too.

Almaloca embodies the rawness and energy of the music they play. The duo live and breath Spanish and Latin music. Combined with years of experience, unabated professionalism and a deep passion for what they do, Almaloca Spanish are truly a force to behold.

The hum of the cicadas and hot of the Americas is never far behind them!

Almaloca Spanish Duo


Born in a small Galician village in Spain Graciela displayed a love for music at a very early age : As a budding and bold ten year old Graciela already made the decision to “be a famous singer!” and shortly after started taking voice training, guitar tuition and music theory lessons. Absorbed by songwriting Graciela also started penning her own lyrics and participating in various music competitions. In the years that passed natural talent and hard study led Graciela onto become a licensed Teacher in Musical Education. Combining teaching and her own musical development by 21 Graciela had won a government backed music competition for one of her own compositions which gave way to TV appearances, radio play and a good practice for life in the spotlight. In 2001 Graciela signed a major contract with AreaMaster productions and it wasn’t long before she was elected as one of the Eighty Voices of Europe which led to a European tour with Bjork Absorbing world wide influences Graciela was invited to Puerto Rico and then on to London where she completed a Post-graduate diploma in Jazz Singing at the Royal Academy of Music. Extensive touring and PAs with the Spanish girl band MILAN also served as enlightening stage in Grazia’s career consolidated her desire to get back to her musical roots. Focusing now on traditional Spanish, Cuban and Brazilian styles Grace resides predominantly in London and Spain where she performs in the highly successful Spanish Duo Almaloca with Alexandre Bensaid. She also leads another outfit with the Brazilian dance and Music company Yes!!!Brazil.


Alexandre aka Jaal

Having led a life on the road with a variety of Spanish Rumba bands playing across France, Greece, Spain, and Tunisia, Jaal came to settle in London. Equipped with his authentic style, developed from years of study and exposure to the gypsy jazz musicians he played with, he evolved into a unique solo artist working within multicultural musical parameters. His profound understanding and deep passion for the traditional folk and gypsy music of the Mediterranean has led to his high demand within music fraternity.