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Reuben Lynch - Toastmaster

Reuben Lynch - Toastmaster

Reuben Lynch - believed to be Britain's only black Professional Toastmaster. The Toastmaster who will add value, and raise the profile of your function - allowing you, your family and your guests to sit back, relax and enjoy your special event to the full.
Available for a range of events from traditional English and ethnic weddings to exhibitions, product launches, balls and charity events.

At every kind of function, employing Reuben's services, either as Toastmaster or as Event Consultant, can help to see your event through to a successful conclusion.

Charity and Summer Balls
Balls are very popular events. They are also a fantastic opportunity to raise money for that all-important cause. With money in short supply Reuben's presence and personality will help to enhance the evening and make it more profitable.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions
If you have ever experienced the loneliness of an empty exhibition display, you will appreciate Reuben's ability to draw attention to your stand. Dressed immaculately in his red jacket, his impeccable manners and beaming smile combine to make him a popular choice for a range of events. He will attract attention to your stand, boost numbers of leads, and make the most of your investment.

Product Launches
Whatever the scale of the launch, you can rely on your Professional Toastmaster to get your host and celebrity at the right spot at the right time. This will give greater attention to the features and benefits of the product, and will ensure maximum impact, making the audience remember your product long after the event.

"So what do we do this year?" This is often the anguished cry of the organiser before the annual sales conference. Well, why not add the Toastmasters touch? It will support virtually any conference theme and will give the occasion an unusual and entertaining flavour that will capture even the most jaded of audiences.

Business Presentations
Presentations are vitally important but often costly and time consuming to prepare and many of them are still ineffective because they fail to engage the audience. Consequently, the essential messages are only partly understood, forgotten rapidly, or lost altogether.Thankfully, many organisations recognise this danger and are using an innovative approach to transform their presentations into lively, enjoyable and memorable events. They have achieved this success by literally adding the Toastmaster's touch!

Public Speaking
Reuben is rapidly gaining a reputation as a motivational speaker. Reuben also does talks on:

Manners and etiquette.
Table manners and etiquette.
Business manners and etiquette.
The correct forms of address (for middle management in the hospitality industry).