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Pebworth Morris Dancers

Pebworth Morris Men are a men's morris side based in the Vale of Evesham.

Pebworth Morris Men were founded in the spring of 1979 by Kevin McLeish and Peter Harrison.
They had been encouraged and taught by Ilmington Morris Men, a very unselfish gesture on Ilmington’s part considering the proximity of Pebworth to Ilmington.
The original side were formed at The Masons Arms pub in Pebworth and practiced on Sunday mornings at The Windmill.
The side first performed in public on 16th June 1979 to mark the 25th anniversary of Pebworth Village Hall.

The kit has varied over the years. Originally the baldricks were blue and gold. The red was added soon after to distinguish the Pebworth side from Ilmington.
The dancers wore straw hats until a gust of wind blew several across a road and under a passing lorry (that was the end of that!). Arm bands were added in the 80’s after a brief flirtation with rosettes (they kept falling off).

The general kit now consists of:
White shirt, black breeches, white knee length socks, Blue Red and Gold Baldrick, blue red and gold armbands, black trainers or shoes, white handkerchiefs.
The Squire is distinguished by a formal hat, top hat in the past, bowler hat at present.
The Fool wears a smock and a straw hat.
The Foreman wears a smile or frown depending on the quality of the dancing.
The Bagman wears the biggest smile in an attempt to conceal the stress.
Musicians wear various things that allow them to distance themselves from the rabble of dancers should it become necessary.