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What people have been saying about the Tribe... 'At last, a real Tribe!'.... 'It sure ain't samba!'... 'Superb, amazing costume!'...

Tribe; Walkabout as you've never seen it before...
Fantastic, creative, investigative and interactive. Walkabout, static shows, drumming, singing, puppetry, mime, discovery, Stone Age technology, a new language, amazing costume and ceremonies for all occasions; special requests and site specific performances catered for - use your imagination...

Tribe; the Ancestors Show... The Ancestors a 30minute static show blending an innovative mix of drumming, dance, object manipulation and Stone Age ritual into a fantastic high quality street show and performance to raise the Spirit!

- "Spell binding!" - audience member, west Wales.

The Story
They came from a place far away, a land of steep hills, rushing streams and deep, creeper-strewn forests. Sometimes, when the heavy hanging mist clears and they stand on the top of the highest hill, on the top of the highest tree in the territory and strain their eyes, they can just about make out the point where the biggest river meets the sea. Not that they know what the sea is, but they know the stories from the elders. But now another tribe’s territory stands between them and the ocean. A fierce tribe, strong, powerful and war-like.

The tribe spend their days foraging in the forest collecting all they need. The forest is their great provider, it was given to them by the spirits, many of whom still live amongst the trees.

Before any important undertaking, the spirits must be consulted and the omens read. The Tribe set much store by the findings of their shaman and have great fear of evil spirits. Many times during their daily travels they will stop to conduct ceremonies, asking the gods for permission to enter new parts of the forest or looking for guidance on the way ahead.

The Tribe haven’t always lived here, their stories tell of them as wandering folk, travelling over many lands herding strange beasts and living with the seasons. But all that changed when they reached the sacred forest. They no longer had need of wandering and herding. The spirits had brought them home.

The group must have been out when the attack happened, away for days in the darker parts of the territory. By the time they returned it was all over, the village overrun with their enemy. They escaped capture by hiding in the soft mud by the riverside. That night under the cover of darkness they crawled up the shore and away into the mists to find their tribe. If anyone saw them go they would have thought them spirits made real, caked in the mud of the forest.

Since that day, they have wandered seeking The One that will bring them home again and wearing the mud that saved them.

The journey has been long and they have visited some strange lands, but none so strange as the one they find themselves in now...