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Make Your Day Unique

Every bride wants their wedding to be special and memorable. Here are some tips for making your wedding one that you will treasure forever and your guests will remember as truly special.

The Setting or venue

Instead of the usual church, chapel or outdoor gazebo setting, why not consider something different. How about a beach wedding, botanical garden or how about a destination wedding? I know a few who met at the zoo, so they got married in a park area of the zoo. That certainly makes for a memorable wedding. For destination weddings, there are many fashionable places, many tropical. Consider the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cancun, Aruba, Fiji or Hawaii. Also consider a European wedding, where you can get married in a castle, manor house or mansion. If you are on a budget, consider the old standby, Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers many options for different styles of weddings, without being too expensive for your guests or you.

Getting more fashionable these days are cruise weddings, where your entire wedding party and guests will enjoy a cruise along with your wedding.


If a destination wedding or an curious setting are not your idea of a unique wedding, then consider a theme. A theme will give your wedding a unique style and be very memorable for guests. Themes like fantasy, costume, western, Asian, tea party or a theme based around a particular flower.

Or in place of a decorative theme, you can base your theme around the season or a certain holiday. Many brides are happy to have a Christmas themed wedding, winter themed wedding or a spring themed wedding.


Guests who may not care about the music or the theme will certainly remember the food. Choose food that is not too spicy and certainly not too messy. Spare ribs with BBQ sauce may not be the greatest choice for a wedding where all the groomsmen are in white or light grey suits.

Gifts and Favors

You can also make your wedding remembered by giving the guests special gifts that they will treasure. Consider handmade favors or favors that are engraved, embossed or embroidered with a special message to your guest.


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Music is always an important part of the wedding. Would classical go greatest with your theme? Probably country, pop or jazz? Take the time to choose the right music for the ceremony and for the reception.