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Wedding Song

When planning a wedding there are many details to consider. Part of the planning, especially for an evening wedding reception, will include music. Whether you choose to have a DJ or a live band, the music style as well as your first dance song will be part of your decision-making.

For this choice, there can be as many sources of inspiration as there are couples, however if you're looking for ideas, here are a few tips to help get the ball rolling...and the music playing!

- First Dance Romance: For your first dance wedding song, is there a song that is special to you and your spouse-to-be? Probably one which reminds you of when you first met, or was playing on your first date. The song need only be special to the two of you; for your first dance, no one else in the Universe matters.

- Ask your parents: Is there a type of music that was fashionable back when they met or got married? For example, many couples choose to pay tribute and thanks to their parents by choosing to include some music from their parents' era at their weddings. This can be very touching for members of the guestlist who are old enough to remember the music, and will enjoy the nostalgia.

- Culture: If there is a culture one or both of you come from and would like to honor, ask some relatives for their choice in songs which come from this unique background. Again, a few choices

in this genre will be very much appreciated by guests to whom this music would be very special.

- DJ: For the most fashionable wedding song ideas, your DJ would be a great source for choosing your first dance song as well as current trends for wedding celebrations and parties. He or she is an expert and will be able to tell you what is fashionable currently.

This should help you get started. Have a wonderful time planning your special day, and an even more wonderful enjoying it!

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