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What Kind Of Music Should I Choose

Make sure that you select a wedding song that everyone will remember!Ah, the wedding dance! The very essence of romance! Something that is so often overlooked! The soundtrack to a wedding is a vital part of the reception. Pick it well and years from now people will bob their heads give a mysterious grin, and say "remember Bob and Sallys wedding? This song reminds me of them" whilst staring wistfully into the distance.

Play bad music and people wont even remember you got married. Just kidding. They might, however they will wish they didnt.

Before the wedding party starts their march down the aisle, you will want to have some great background music playing. You want something soft and upbeat. Many people like to have the harp, organ, or piano or even Scottish Bagpipes going during this time. This will keep the wedding party quiet and anticipating the big moment.

For the walk down the aisle, you can have the traditional wedding march or you may want to have something a small more personal. Some people like to have a gospel hymn or classical music playing. Others will want to have a harp or organ playing. Others prefer songs that mean something to the couple, it is up to you.

When it comes time for the reception, you will want to have some form of band or DJ to keep the party going. You want to have a mix of music so that you are not excluding anyone from the fun. A rule of thumb is keep things light and fun, no one wants to hear a speech by the groom to music that you would slaughter a goat to.

Figure out what types of songs you want to be played and then give your DJ or band an idea of what you will accept. You want to have songs about love (not the same as infatuation) and romance for your wedding reception so that people can have fun.

Think about if you want to pay tribute to someone special in your life. You may want to include a special song that will honor a family member This is your day and you can include these special moments in your wedding day.

Do not let the song choosing put a lot of pressure on you. You want to make sure that you are at ease and making this a fun topic that you can get the entire wedding party in on.

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