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Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans, 38 years old from Walthamstow, has almost applied to be on The X Factor every year since it’s been on TV - but he's never actually gone through with it. This year he decided to take the plunge because he now believes life is too short not to reach for your goals. This hit home after the tragic death of his wife last year following complications during the birth of their baby girl, Ana Maria.

Daniel, who has two older brothers, is currently a pool cleaner living in Spain but does whatever he can to make money for his little girl and himself.

He’s had a love of music from an early age and in his early teens experimented with a variety of different musical instruments until he settled on the organ (he never thought it was cool, though!)

Daniel played the organ in his dad’s band (they played 60’s and 70’s music across the country in working men’s clubs) until, in his late teens, he decided he’d like his weekends back to spend more time with his friends and his girlfriend at the time.

He didn’t realise he could sing until after his dad’s death when he sang in karaoke bars, where people commented that he had inherited his dad’s voice and should try singing.

He came to the audition with his mum who fully supports him; she would love him to win as it would give him a great direction in life, especially after the sad loss of his wife who so dearly wanted to see him perform on The X Factor.