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Jamie Archer

Jamie Afro is actually Jamie Archer, a 33 year old pub singer from Putney in South-West London in England. Jamie is widely known as Jamie Afro because of his… afro! His hirsute appearance has not only made him popular with the ladies but it’s apparently also earned him the nickname of ‘Hairy Angel II’ He is the son of a Guyana father and an English mother.

This multi-talented musician has worked in bars and supermarkets to make a ends meet. His real passion though, is music, and by the sound of things, women – His love of music started at the age of 10, his love of women, probably a little bit later. He’s a singer, songwriter, performer, guitarist and according to X-Factor judge and lead singer with girl group Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, ‘a natural born entertainer’ (mind you, she does say that about a lot of contestants). Together with his brother Stevo, (Stephen Archer), both self taught musicians, Jamie heads up the band Jalexis 11 with long time friend, Anthony Reed. They routinely perform at the Walkabout, in Covent Garden, in Central London. Prior to hooking up with fellow musician Anthony Reed and forming Jalexis 11, Jamie and his brother were involved in a number of other bands.In association with industry music.